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Defends elegant and uninhibited music 🍭🍭

Azan Caro is a project created in 2020. This young author/composer/dj is a prolific artist. This commitment has already led him to perform in Berlin and all around France already. Azan Caro defends elegant, uninhibited and lively music. Formerly a pianist at the Paris Conservatory, he quickly turned to electronic music and studied at Catalyst Music in Berlin to begin his career in Germany. On the border between old school and modern techno, Azan Caro is above all instrumental, organic and concrete. His music offers its own voice, an assertive acoustic and powerful electronic elements that make his work develop and refine into a solid and coherent whole. Azan Caro’s recent ep Wonder Out Loud, released on Bipolar Disorder alongside Tred, François X and The Chronics, has been supported and played by artists such as Ellen Allien, Takaaki Itoh and Joseph Capriati. He also released three tracks on Darzack’s label Maison Beryl in 2021. His latest EP Better Wear Colors is out on RAW and available on all platforms.

Supported by Anetha’s label Mama Loves Ya ( in the Rave all you want Vol1 playlist) and Underscope media (selected in their 5 Rave Tracks series). His track Bluff has just been selected in the Top 50 Rising Artists on Techno Germany. Azan Caro’s music waltzes with the audience while making them dizzy, with mastery. In the open air or underground, Azan Caro presents a striking and attractive universe. Harmony is the key element, a nervous bass line in conversation with groovy subs, screaming percussion, and even Blips and Bloops sounds. Azan Caro is part of the new vinyl collaboration concept on Julian Muller’s NALI label called “Walk With Me – 1st Issue” (with Trudge, MRD, Caiva, Julian Muller, Chlar, Xiorro and Askkin).

Also recently part of the new Various Artist 005 on the label Thump Out Traxx with his latest track “The Prince Is A Chick ”.. His new 2H live set is available on The Brvtalist soundcloud page as well as his last Rawcast out last september. Azan Caro will perform again for clubs and festivals in France and in Europe this year, starting on February 11th at No Signal Paris but also his debuts in Poland